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Incorporating an activity into your lifestyle session gives you something to do with your hands and feet, keeps little ones engaged and authentically shows how much you love spending your time together. It is important to show the things that you love doing as a family. We want to set up the photograph but we want capture authentic reactions and connections between you and your family, we’re setting up an action to create a reaction. For example, I might direct you and your family to the couch and I’lll say get close and snuggle up, then I’ll have dad say a joke or mom tickle the kids and with those actions we get real, authentic reactions like laughing. Mom and Dad don’t be afraid to interact with each other as well, it’s important to show your love too.

Think about things that your family like to do together. Do the kids love snuggling up next to Mom and wrestling around with Dad?

Here are a few activity ideas you might want to incorporate into your session:

  • playing a board game or a game of cards
  • coloring
  • reading a book
  • snuggling on the couch
  • jumping on the bed
  • making breakfast, ice cream sundays or cookies
  • bath time for babies
  • playing with a childs favorite toy