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So, you’ve scheduled your lifestyle session and now you’re wondering how to dress everyone.

Here are a few tips to help you get ready.

  • Let your everyday wardrobe and activity of choice influence your outfits for your session. If you’ll be jumping on the bed, choose more comfortable clothing. Matching pj’s would be super cute! Everyone can always change when we move to another room in the house.
  • Mom, pick out your outfit first and coordinate everyone else around you. Take time to get yourself ready so that you feel amazing and confident.
  • Dress the kids to coordinate but make sure they aren’t matching. Matching is cute but we want to show their individual personalities.
  • A plain t-shirt and jeans is just fine for dad if that’s what he’s comfortable in.
  • Simple and solid color clothing wear best.
  • Stay away from neon and bright colored clothes.
  • Choose colors that compliment each other. Pick similar tones and colors in the same family.