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Tips For Your Engagement Session

It’s always a little intimidating to have your picture taken. I realize that prepping for your engagement session can feel a little overwhelming. Here’s a few tips to help make getting ready a little less stressful! 


Choose two outfits for both of you. One casual and one dressy. I recomnend starting with the dressy outfit first. Having two different outfits will help give your shoot two different “looks” and will allow you to have a variety of different images. 


Make sure your comfortable in what you’re wearing! If your uncomfortable it will definitely show in your pictures. I like to shoot  a lot of different angles so ladies make sure your top isn’t cut to low. 


Be on time! I can’t stress this enough! The sun is only out for so long. The later you arrive the less time we will have to shoot! 


Clean the ring! I love to take some ring shots while you change outfits. The cleaner the better!


Don’t try to match. Do pick outfits that complement each other. Be sure to stay away from neon colored clothing. 


Most of the time patterns work well! However, stay away from graphics and writing on clothing. If you do choose a pattern, make sure it’s not too busy and distracting. Try having one person in a pattern and then another person in solids. 


Empty your pocket! This ones usually for the guys! Nothings worse then having keys or your phone showing up in your beautiful images!


Relax! You don’t have to  be a pro at this! I’ll help you the whole time and before the session is over we’ll both be laughing hysterically! It’s going to be so much fun! 


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Talk to you soon!