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I’m having surgery



I’ve been struggling with carpel tunnel for quite a few years now. Just recently it’s  become very painful and no matter what I do, my hand is always numb. 


I’ve realized how often we take the little things for granted like being able to eat or brush your teeth.  I can’t wait to get everything taken care of and finally be able to do every day things without the frustration and pain. 


I go in next week to have surgery. The doctor said 6 weeks of not being able to lift anything heavy. I’m hoping recovery is quick! I’ll be spending this week getting things done for while I’m down after surgery. It’ll be a busy week that’s for sure!


I’m curious if any of you have had carpel tunnel surgery and if you have any advice. I’d love to hear about how it went, what worked for pain and swelling and what didn’t. How long it took for your to recover. Let me know in the comments below!


I’ll keep you guys updated on how it went. Follow me on Instagram at Kellie Hayes Photography. 



Talk to ya soon! 




  1. Angela

    I had it done on my right wrist two years ago and my mother had it done as well a few years prior. Both of us agree it really was not that bad. The worst part was weakness of my grip. It took a little while for me to regain my stength back before I could go shooting again. (Haha… not photography)

    • Kellie

      That’s good to know.
      I’m more nervous about recovery time then I am the surgery itself.