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Last week I got to hang out with Levi and Alexia in the downtown area of Naperville. Everything couldn’t have come together more perfectly. The location was amazing and then these two showed up looking absolutely adorable. We know each other from working out together. I have never seen either one of them outside of gym clothes. I was quite smitten with how cute these two not only looked but with how they were with each other.

I love their story. I mean, if it’s not the perfect setting to a romantic movie then I don’t know what is. When I had asked them how long they had been together their response was “3 months but 4 years in our hearts.” From what they told me, they became best friends when Alexia joined the gym over 4 years ago. Levi fell in love with Alexia and for 3 of those years Alexia didn’t know about it. Alexia said that she loved him too but just hadn’t realized it yet and now they are inseparable enjoying their time working out, walking their dogs and eating good food.

These two were so fun to spend the evening with. You could really tell how much they enjoy being together. The evening was full of love and laughter. I can’t wait to send these guys their gallery!