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During a lifestyle session it’s important to find rooms in your home with good natural light. So, what is natural light and how do you find it in your home?

Natural light is light that comes from the sun. When a room is nice and evenly lit it’s called soft light and soft light makes for beautiful pictures.

When planning for you lifestyle session pick a few rooms you would like to have photographed, visit those rooms multiple times through out the day, making sure all other light sources are turned off, and make sure to take notes of how different the light looks. Is the room dark? Bright with beams of sun light shining through? Or is the room bright and evenly lit? Many times the direction of your house, the position of the windows, along with the time of year plays an important part in the amount of light coming through. Is your house North-South facing or East-West? When does the sun rise and when does it set? All of these things will determine the kind of light that fills a room.

Don’t worry to much if you’re not sure. The day of your session we will walk around together and make a plan for the day. 🙂