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A lifestyle session typically takes place inside your home. When preparing for your session take a walk around your home. Open the blinds and choose a few rooms that you would like to have photographed. Choose locations with the best possible natural light. You can learn more about lighting in my natural light blog post here. Tidy up these areas by minimizing clutter. Declutter counter tops and night stands. Make sure toys and blankets are neatly placed where they belong. A nice clean room allows for a nice clean photograph where you and your family are the main focus. During our session we might get creative and move furniture. It’s ok if your house isn’t nicely decorated like something out of a magazine. Sometimes less is more. Don’t stress much over the little things. It’s your love for each other that we are photographing.

I’ll guide you through the process so there’s no need to worry. Remember that it’s your love and connection together that is the most important part of the session.